Quatrefoils available to sponsor

This is the full list of 32 quatrefoils from the original design. Quatrefoils will be crossed out once sponsored, so please choose another.

Please note, as with any work of art the mosaic is adapted as it’s created, so the final quatrefoils may differ from the descriptions here in some cases.


1. Cheese Trade
2. Brush Trade
3. Glove Trade
4. Paper Trade
5. Flour Trade
6. Mayor’s Mace
7. Cider Making
8. Clares/Milk Trade
9. Cattle Trade/Bull Baiting
10. Rope Trade
11. Olympic Medalists
12. Candle Trade
13. Fun Run
14. Wells in Bloom
15. Bert Philips
16. Town Cryer
17. Basket Trade
18. Literature Festival
19. Gargoyle with Toothache
20. Royal Visits
21. Quarrying
22. Romulus and Remus (Italian Community)
23. Creative Arts Festivals
24. Music Festivals
25. Grave Marker (Mendip Hospital Cemetery)
26. Performing Arts/Theatre Festival
27. Louis the Cat
28. Green Man
29. Reindeer Parade
30. Another Trade (TBC)
31. Another Trade (TBC)
32. Another Trade (TBC)